Building a panel of Coaches

When organisations look to build or extend their panel of external coaches, the fragmented market can seem very confusing, particularly when targeting emerging markets such as the Middle East and Asia. 

Acuity Coaching has experience of building global coach panels which combined with our knowledge of coach selection and assessment enables us to rapidly build and maintain a panel fit for your organisational requirements.

Our Process

We define a range of coaching interventions designed to deliver against key organisational requirements:

  • Performance
  • Culture
  • Talent
  • Behaviours

Pricing is harmonised based on deliverables and level of coach. The end result is a grid of typical engagements that specify the coaching skills you require, duration, level of coach and cost. Acuity Coaching coaches have extensive experience of this.

  • We will work with you to decide how large the panel needs to be to provide the required coverage.
  • We have a network of over 1,500 coaches globally.
  • We use Executive Search techniques to scour the world for the most appropriate coaches for you.
  • We will provide at least three individuals to be considered for each position on your panel.

We will work with you to design and implement an assessment process to suit your organisation. This could include:

  • Paper sift
  • Telephone interview
  • Face to face interview
  • Coaching simulation
  • Review of supervision and CPD

We encourage clients to participate and the final panel is chosen by you.

Launching and promoting the panel internally is essential to success. Some organisations compel Executives to use the approved panel, but even then it is better to make them feel that this is a good thing. We will work with you to launch the panel and will provide:
  • Dedicated microsite for the panel
  • Seminars and workshops to introduce and promote coaching
  • Communications materials