What You Can Do

 1.Greet People Cheerfully 

Greeting people cheerfully, especially in the morning, is an important way to manage your stress. In doing this you set the tone for your (and their!) day. Imagine starting a day on a low and watch it get worse!

2.Be Conscious Of Your Behaviour 

Be conscious of how you feel and act. Once you are aware of how you are feeling about a certain situation, you can choose to react in a more positive fashion. This will take practice!

3.Be Conscious Of Your Breathing 

Taking deep breaths and counting is a popular stress management technique. Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out imagine pushing all of the negative and stressful thoughts and feelings out of your mind and body.

4.Reviewing The Positive 

Spend five minutes at the end of each day recalling the nice things that others have done for you. Over time this will cultivate a habit of looking at the positive. 

5.Letting Go The Negative 

In reviewing the positives, you should also be conscious of the negative things that you have done. Realise this and “cleanse” yourself by flushing away the misdirected actions. Do this by forgiving yourself and remind yourself that you will not do it again.

These 5 stress management techniques take time to cultivate. Make a decision to start today and watch your stress greatly reduced as time goes by.