What Organisations Can Do

It's in a Leader's best interest to keep stress levels in the workplace to a minimum. Leaders can act as positive role models, especially in times of high stress, by following some simple tips. If a respected Leader can remain calm in stressful work situations, it is much easier for his or her employees to also remain calm. 

Additionally, there are a number of organisational changes that Leaders and Employers can make to reduce workplace stress. These include:

  • Improve communication
  • Consult your employees
  • Cultivate a friendly social climate

Improve communication

  • Make communication friendly and efficient.
  • Share information with employees to reduce uncertainty about their jobs and futures.
  • Clearly define employees’ roles and responsibilities.

Consult your employees

  • Show that individual employees are valued through initiatives such as coaching and personal development opportunities.
  • Be sure the workload is suitable to employees’ abilities and resources; avoid unrealistic deadlines.
  • Give workers opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their jobs.
  • Consult employees about scheduling and work rules.
  • Offer rewards and incentives.
  • Recognise an individual's contribution, both verbally and officially, through schemes such as Employee of the Month.
  • Provide opportunities for career development.
  • Promote an “entrepreneurial” work climate that gives employees more control over their work.

Cultivate a friendly social climate

  • Make management actions consistent with organisational values.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction among employees.
  • Establish a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.